Impression of the EU2BE Summer School 2019

7 days had passed after our first meeting. We were sitting next to one another in a circle, everybody holding one part of a seemingly infinite piece of thread. We were building a net between us. We were building a net between us by throwing a big ball made of this never-ending thread across the room, trying to reach another participant. Everybody contacted in this way could then speak about their thoughts and emotions regarding the days that now lay behind us.
By still holding on to the thread while giving the ball to the next person, our net of shared experiences gradually became more and more visible.
But which kind of experience is it that we now share?

In the last week of August 2019, 36 young people from various European countries came to the Scuola di Pace di Monte Sole to take part in the EU2BE Summer School “Creattivism – New Sights Against Discriminations”. The first part of the week was dedicated to an introduction on the history of the Monte Sole area. Furthermore, we talked about the way memory is built, passed on and used – in the past as well as in the present. We continued by discussing the mechanisms and different kinds of discrimination as well as the ways societies and individuals can fight them. One medium of political activism is art – and exactly this activist approach constituted the main focus of the second part of the week: Together with Else Edizioni and the artist Marco Smacchia we had the opportunity to create political manifestos that should artistically provoke the spectator’s engagement and confrontation with different forms of discrimination. In November, the Scuola di Pace and the Centro Europe Direct Emilia Romagna organised an exhibition in which our artworks were presented. –

While weaving that week’s work into an ever-growing net during our final group talk, the thread soon started to entangle and to form knots, making the task a demanding one. Nevertheless, we kept on trying to connect, we kept on concentrating, we kept on searching for each other’s perspective, we kept on caring about each other’s thoughts. In the end, we did manage to spin this net of shared experiences; it now stays with us and reminds us of our time on Monte Sole – even without the physical presence of the thread in our hands.

Milena Klien

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